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Code4Lib 2009: Lightning Talks, Day One

Topics code4lib, 2009

1. The eXtensible Catalog Project, David Lindahl
2. Scriblio: Social Library System, Casey Durfee
3., Mark Matienzo
4. E-Matrix: An [open source] ERM, Emily Lynema
5. Alex 4: Yet Another Incarnation, Eric Morgan
6. CrossRef, Geoffrey Bilder
7. Summon, John Law
8. LucidFind, Erik Hatcher
9. Making Distributed Configuration Simple with the TORUS, Mike Taylor
10. TORUS Implemented, Jakub Skoczen
11. Zoia's FOAF Support, Michael Klein and Jonathan Brinley
12. Biblio, Andrew Ashton
13. SearchWorks (VUFind), Naomi Dushay
14. Zoom Zoom Zoom, Mike Beccaria
15. The BagIt File Package Format, Dan Chudnov



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